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Weather Security & Site Monitoring

Vue’s service provides mission-critical data and situational awareness to quickly inform the operational decisions made leading up to, during, and after critical weather events. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events are on the rise and the disruption they cause are felt by all. Communities, government organizations and businesses all have unique challenges that they must manage and the public safety and economic stakes couldn’t be higher.



When managing the weather & environmental impacts on real estate assets, your tenants, and employees, having real-time situational awareness is of utmost importance to quickly make effective decisions. ARC1 gives you protection against liability-related claims, supports property damage insurance claims, and ensures quality control of contracted service providers.


When access to a neighborhood is impacted by a storm or disaster, safety of residents and their properties becomes a major concern. Whether you service 50 or 500 properties, working with Vue Robotics provides your clients with the assurance that you are always monitoring the conditions of their sites, are ready to respond, and are making the right operational decisions.


Winter storms can last a few hours or several days but the cleanup can continue right into the next event. A low-lying road can flood during a heavy summer rainstorm. Resources are limited and even a low-impact event can require you to call in your teams to meet minimum shift requirements. Having situational awareness of the community you serve is critical in making the right operational decisions, responding to events, and keeping your community up, running, and safe.



Vue Robotics can help monitor the progress, safety and site conditions of your construction project. Whether it be a short or long-term project, the ARC1 can easily be deployed to track the progress of the project, monitor equipment, assets, and building materials. The ARC1 also mitigates safety risk and contributes to overall employee safety decisions by monitoring and receiving alerts on potentially dangerous environmental conditions such as hazardous gases or a dangerously high heat index.

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