Robotics as a Service.

What Makes Vue Different?

We provide a service, so you are not purchasing any hardware, similar to leasing a car. Customers will see many benefits to this:

If there is an issue with the hardware, we will send out a replacement. No need to worry about repairing it yourself or dealing with the hassle of scheduling a technician to come out and troubleshoot. Simply send the device back to us, and we will send you a new one. In most cases, a new device will be on the way before you even realize there is an issue.

As we grow and improve our hardware, customers will have the option to upgrade to our latest ARC model.

The Problem:

Simply put, weather forecasts alone are not optimized to help service providers, state & local governments, or businesses make operational decisions. The ARC1 from Vue Robotics changes the game. Most weather forecasting services rely on readily available national models, and these models are built on observations from a network of weather stations. The weather stations are usually located at major airports or in cities, so they are reporting conditions that can be dramatically different than those at your sites, property, or business. What they don’t provide is supporting imagery to verify reported conditions.

Without visual verification, how can you fully understand and make decisions on real-world conditions?

vue robotics service arc1

The Solution: All your sites in one place

Our OmniVue Site Continuity Platform is an intuitively designed platform based primarily on customer input. OmniVue aggregates all of the observations collected by the ARC1 and displays the data on an easy-to-use map-based interface.

OmniVue delivers the situational awareness needed to anticipate and prepare for weather events or to react to unforeseen disruption events, supporting operational decisions, mitigating risk, and reducing loss.

vue robotics service omnivue

Why not use existing WiFi-enabled security cameras?

Most cameras in the market are deployed with a focus on security, crime prevention, and law enforcement. In most cases access is tightly controlled and restricted to a small group of users.

Many companies and options exist when it comes to providing home and business security cameras. But we provide one major difference: while security cameras look out, Vue looks in. The ARC1 monitors the exterior of the building and surrounding campus, the assets, and the property. ARC1 observes and alerts on a much more common set of threats - severe weather, critical environmental changes, and structural damage.

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