About Vue Robotics.

Our product doesn’t fit the mold of what many people envision when they hear the word robotics - and that's okay.

Vue is a robotics company because our ARC1 monitoring station, and the data it presents in OmniVue, augments and in some cases replaces the need to conduct physical site-by-site inspections.

This enables our customers to focus their attention on what really matters; prioritizing limited resources such as labor, materials, and more importantly time.

Meet our founding team.


Patrick Baglien, Co-Founder, CEO

Diverse global leadership experience guiding cross-functional teams across Commercial, Industrial, Government and Consumer verticals. Most recently served as COO & Co-Founder of technology startup and previously as North American Sales Director of global professional services firm accountable for P&L, strategy and execution.

Christopher Lareau, Co-Founder, COO

A former military intelligence officer with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Three years of experience at the NSA as a strategic cyber operations planner. Following a transition from the Army, held positions in the commercial bank technology verticals at BoA and HSBC. Three years of sales and operations experience at high-growth early-stage companies.

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We’re ready to learn more about your operations and demonstrate the capabilities of our ARC1 and OmniVue. We pride ourselves in taking a consultative approach with our customers, there are no high-pressure sales calls at Vue Robotics.

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