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We're excited to help you get started with your new ARC 1 Camera System. Please follow the step-by-step guide below. If you have any questions contact our team at [email protected] or call us at 201-279-5160.


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Please ensure your Vue Robotics account is activated by logging into your account from a mobile device. Once logged in, both the desktop and mobile versions will be listed, select the account named "mobile." If you don't have an active account, contact us at [email protected]. All new customers will receive a welcome email with account setup instructions. We recommend saving https://login.vuerobotics.io/ as a mobile web app on your phone. To learn more about how to save as a shortcut on your mobile device's home screen visit the iPhone User Guide

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Select a Site

Our camera system is recommended to be installed at a height of 10-25 ft, attached to existing infrastructure such as a light or utility pole. Recommended locations include:

  • Along the perimeter of a property, “looking in”
  • At key intersections, bridges, and major roadways
  • Rooftops or other restricted access areas on site
  • Near an ambient light source for optimal color night vision
  • Remote locations that are unreachable or unsafe to inspect during weather events
  • High-traffic areas, such as employee/customer entrances, loading docks, or designated handicapped parking spots

Mount Solar Panel

Secure the solar panel using 2 of the adjustable metal bands provided.  The panel should be mounted facing South (180 degrees) and free from obstruction to maximize solar output. The panel comes with a 6ft cable to allow maximum flexibility of panel orientation and height. Note: the solar panel does not have to be aligned with the front of your camera system, always mount it facing South. 

Mount Solar Panel

Attach Pole Mount

We recommend installing the camera mount so the back is facing any prevailing winds on the site. This helps reduce the risk of snow and ice buildup. The adjustable bracket has two components, one piece that attaches to the mounting surface and the other that is pre-installed on the back of your camera system. Using two adjustable bands secure the pole mount to a mounting surface. 

Attach Pole Mount

Mount Camera System

Please review the diagram below. There is a fixed mounting position at 90 degrees and an adjustable position that allows you to select between a 10 and 25-degree downward pivot. In areas of extreme wind-blown snow and known areas of ice accumulation, we recommend using the 25-degree position. 

Once your position has been selected use the included locking pin to secure the device.  Horizontal movements can also be made by slightly loosening the locking nuts and moving the horizontal locking pin into a new position (left/right).

Mount Camera System

Connect Solar Panel

Once your system is mounted connect your solar panel to the camera system to the connector located at the bottom of the device. There is only one way the connection can be made, gently tighten until a snug fit is achieved. 

Connect Solar Panel

Activate "Install New Camera"

Log into the mobile app and go to the All Cameras page. Select "install new camera" in the top right corner, this will take you through a step-by-step guide to power on and authenticate your camera system with our network. 

Activate "Install New Camera"

Complete Installation

Verify all connections are snug and mounted securely, you're ready to go!

Complete Installation

Mounting your Camera System

Mobile App Installation Instructions


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