Facility Managers & Service Providers

Understanding the conditions and state of each location in your multi-site portfolio is critical. Whether you manage 10 or 10,000 locations, you can improve your situational awareness with timely, accurate site intelligence. Better inform your operational decisions, expand your territory, and reduce labor costs. Let us do the routine and hazardous site inspections for you.

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The Benefits of Our Service

  • Response prioritization across your multi-site portfolio.
  • Site benchmarking for each event, know the precise conditions.
  • Service verification at your sites, keep your customers informed.
  • Asset monitoring, is the right equipment on site?
  • Make informed treatment and servicing decisions.
  • Territory and account expansion.
  • Liability protection.

“The Vue ARC1 cameras have revolutionized how we approach snow and ice management. In the past, we would have an area manager physically checking sites every morning, equating to a large overhead of unbillable hours. We even had to turn down large A-level clients due to being unable to have eyes on the site quickly 24/7 if they were out of our typical service area. Now, we can service more clients with more efficiency and less costs.”




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