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Discover the Power of Site Level
Weather Intelligence

Prepare Better, Respond Faster.

Weather and environmental related threats and their impacts can be unpredictable and are constantly evolving. Vue Robotics provides the most comprehensive toolset to monitor, analyze, and respond to impact weather events. Our on-site, ARC 1 camera system, advanced forecast data, and proprietary multimodal AI analysis tools provide our customers with actionable intelligence.

Real Time Images and Videos

Site Level Weather Observations and Forecast Data

Track it All. Site Level Conditions, Ground Condition Forecasts, Historical Weather Benchmarking and Documentation.

Powerful Analytics

We track it all. Every weather observation, forecast element, and captured image. Leverage OmniVue for site benchmarking, post-event analysis, and reporting. All of your data is secured and stored in perpetuity, we are not in the business of sharing our customers’ data.

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Real Time Alerts
and Notifications

Vue Vision provides real-time alerts and notifications for weather events that impact your site. Our system will notify you when conditions change and when weather events are approaching your site. The OmniVue platform gives users the ability to customize alerts for specific weather events, adjust thier frequency and who on your team recieves the alerts.

ARC-1 The World’s Only Purpose Built Weather Camera.

The ARC 1 is designed to operate fully autonomously in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Every aspect of the ARC 1 has been meticulously designed and engineered to ensure its accuracy, resiliency, and longevity.

Weather Monitoring Device

24 Hour Ground Condition Forecast

It may be raining or snowing but is it accumulating? We’ll be able to let you know when snow, ice, and water starts to buildup and accumulate.

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Historical Data

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Learn More About the ARC-1

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