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Winter storms can last a few hours or several days but the cleanup can continue right into the next event. A low-lying road can flood during a heavy summer rainstorm. Resources are limited and even a low-impact event can require you to call in your teams to meet minimum shift requirements. Having situational awareness of the community you serve is critical in making the right operational decisions, responding to events, and keeping your community up, running, and safe.

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The Benefits of Our Service

  • Prioritize your operational response across your city or town.
  • Roadway benchmarking for each event, know the precise conditions.
  • Service verification of your roads, keep your community informed.
  • Engineering project monitoring, is the right equipment on site?
  • Make informed treatment and servicing decisions.
  • Optimize costs during events, and reduce the of use in-person roadway inspections. No more driving around in the middle of the night.

“Our public works department can remotely monitor road conditions — shortening dispatch times, reducing labor costs, material usage, and more importantly helps us in achieving our goal to keep our roads open and safe.”



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