Vue Robotics can help monitor the progress, safety, and site conditions of your construction project. Whether it be a short or long-term project, the ARC1 can easily be deployed to track the progress of the project and monitor equipment, assets, and building materials. The ARC1 also mitigates safety risks and contributes to overall employee safety decisions by monitoring and receiving alerts on potentially dangerous environmental conditions such as hazardous gases or a dangerously high heat index.

The Benefits of Our Service

  • Meet or exceed employee health and safety standards during weather events.
  • Site benchmarking, know the precise conditions.
  • Project monitoring, keep your key stakeholders informed on progress.
  • Asset monitoring, is the right equipment and materials on site?
  • Budget friendly, deploy site monitoring capabilities on all of your project sites.
  • Build smarter, and know when the conditions are right for concrete, pavement, and other material applications.
  • Liability protection.


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