Best-in-class monitoring
of your road weather
in real time.

A fully autonomous site intelligence platform. Capable of monitoring anything from changing weather conditions to hazardous air quality conditions and chemical leaks. Any location, any condition, any time of day.

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Photo of standalone Vue Robotics ARC 1 device

State of the art monitoring features

The ARC 1 provides persistent monitoring and condition analysis, reporting and alerting on changing conditions in real-time.

Solar powered

Completely self-sustaining. Our custom battery pack and solar panel are designed to last 5+ years. Hail proof - high efficiency, monocrystalline solar panel.


Uses the best available cellular technology to identify the strongest network provider (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T).

4g lte

5 Years of Power

Uninterrupted charging in extreme conditions, -20°F to 176°F.

Actionable Intelligence

The ARC 1 captures and reports environmental conditions, HD imagery, and video every 10 minutes (configurable).


Fully weatherproof and waterproof. The enclosure is made of a lightweight, durable polycarbonate that is corrosion, vibration, and impact resistant.

Environmental Sensors (AI enabled)

Barometric Pressure

Relative Humidity

Air Temperature

Surface Temperature

Dew point

Air Quality

Volatile Organic Compounds

Heat Index

A one-of-a-kind Camera System

Designed and tested for a wide set of outdoor applications and adverse conditions.

Photo of ARC-1 camera


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