Vue Robotics Launches First of its Kind Camera Enabled Weather Security Service

June 1, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, NH, June 2nd, 2022 – Today, Vue Robotics (Vue) closed its pre-seed round and finished product development on its innovative weather security product, ARC1. ARC1, is a solar-powered camera with integrated environmental sensors that provides real-time insights on site conditions. 

Vue’s proprietary software platform, OmniVue, provides persistent visual verification and environmental condition analysis of key infrastructure, business sites, and mission-critical facilities. Traditionally, unforeseen environmental disruptions require site-by-site in-person inspections which often take several days or weeks to complete. Vue’s product and service provides a vast improvement in how state and local governments, businesses, and real estate owners can respond and better mitigate weather and environmental risks and emergencies.

“Vue’s service will better and more quickly inform the operational decisions that key stakeholders need to make leading up to, during, and after critical weather events,” said Vue Robotics Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick Baglien. “We provide our customers with the ability to accurately assess, analyze and react to disruption events. The data our ARC1s provide are essential to supporting operational decisions, mitigating risk, and reducing loss.”

Increasing extreme weather, requires better analytics

The frequency and severity of extreme weather events are on the rise and the disruption they cause are felt by all, with potentially tragic results.  It could be an ice storm that causes gridlock, a tornado that damages a distribution facility, or poor air quality that puts employees in danger. Communities and businesses have unique circumstances that they must manage, and the public safety and economic stakes couldn’t be higher. A recent Aon 2020 report: Weather, Climate & Catastrophe, stated that “over $258 billion in economic losses result solely from weather disasters.”

“I first learned about the importance of situational awareness on the battlefield and how not having it can result in tremendous consequences,” stated Christopher Lareau, Co-Founder, COO, and former US Army Intelligence Officer. “Fundamentally, situational awareness is about understanding your environment and its elements over time and space. It allows you to see through the noise and make a well-informed decision, quickly and decisively.”

The workhorse of Vue’s service is the ARC1: a low light, high-definition camera built around an array of environmental sensors. The ARC1 includes:

  1. an infrared optical sensor that accurately measures ground temperature,
  2. a first of its kind Bosch gas sensor with Artificial Intelligence, and
  3. an integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors.

The ARC1’s gas sensor can detect Volatile Organic Compounds, Volatile Sulfur Compounds, and other gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the part per billion range. The ARC1 is compact, completely wireless, solar-powered, and communicates over 4G LTE cellular service.

Vue Robotics is now accepting pre-orders for shipment in late summer. 

Media inquiries:

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About Vue Robotics

Vue Robotics delivers real-time situational awareness of weather and environmental impacts to service providers, property managers, and business owners. Its proprietary product, ARC1 provides monitoring stations with visual verification and condition analysis at the site level. ARC1 replaces manual site-by-site inspections to more quickly inform operational decisions via OmniVue, a site continuity platform.

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